Hot South Beach Nights...After Hours


As your guests arrive at Club Cage, they will be greeted by some not-so-nice doormen, and flashy Electric Dancers. Everyone is welcome, but not everyone is VIP status.  The music they will hear from interactive DJ, is all that is Miami.  From Lady Gaga, to South Beach’s own Gloria Estefan. Many surprises await inside.  Come on in!

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Miami, the city by the sea, is known for it’s lovely beaches, warm climate and hot rhythms.  The city, filled with international flavor and allure, Miami has become a melting pot of nationalities from Latin America to European Countries.  South Beach, cloaked with blue skies, pastel Deco structures and man made jungles are the home to fashion, music, and never-ending nightlife.  Gianni Versace created the T-shirt and colorful linen-jacket look for television producers that was Miami Vice.  For over a decade this defined Miami style.  Tonight, it is late, but only the beginning of an evening of what “Miami Hot, Hot, Hot” is all about.  The specialty acts and music presented for you tonight are filled with homegrown talent, both musically and choreography wise.  Have a cool drink and loosen your tie as tonight is going to be a hot one.

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